Friday, July 9, 2010

He Swims!

Told ya so! I knew Beezer would swim this summer, and today was the day it happened! Emma, Jessica, and I took our dogs to the Capilano River to cool off a bit. We had Amigo, Beezer, Seven, Tycho and Jess's newest addition Kepler. I also had the tinest little cutest wantest the mostest 10 pound mutt, named Itsy. Side note: I tried to convince my mom to keep her, but she just wasn't "her" type of dog. Pffttt. But look at that face, and her tiny little agile body!

Everyone likes her...except for my mother.

So back to the topic at hand. Beezer's amazing day of swimming. It was actually a lot easier than I thought. he didn't really take too much coaxing. He already goes into the water and quite likes it as long as his feet are touching the bottom. But after I threw in a few sticks for Amigo, he was quite interested in getting one himself.

That doesn't look so hard...

So he just did! He crept forward until he was swimming. It wasn't a shock, it wasn't upsetting, he was just swimming. And not just the once, he went back for more! It wasn't until he realized the river was freakin' cold, that he decided enough was enough.

Needless to say I was so proud! I look forward to more hot summer days where I can take both dogs for a cool dip. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to join them:)

Here's a few pictures of Kepler and Itsy playing. So cute. I want her!

Such posers!

And my favourite Kung Fu Puppy pic

Monday, July 5, 2010

Part 2: I hate teenagers...

....a little less:)
Since he has turned 10 months old, I have felt less inclined to throttle him on a daily basis. We've now done a few hikes in a row with joggers, bikers and many other things that used to freak him out. I am proud to say that they don't seem to freak him out as much any more. I still don't trust him 100%, but he is doing so well! He mostly just ignores bikes and joggers now, as he is too busy running and running and running to take notice or even care. Big sigh of relief. SIGH.
Also he is less reactive to things in general. He's more manageable out and about in public situations( instead of reacting at everything in sight).
AND I took him to my last softball games in the hopes that he had matured and was less scared of men, and guess what? Success! He reacted only once to 1 guy, instead of barking his head off at everything(including me, when I was out in the field). Go Beezer! He even played politely with his new cousin, Kepler, who was only 9 weeks old.

I'd like to think that my fabulous training and hard work has been paying off, but I think maturity has also played a role. Whatever the reason, I'm happy to have a teenager that I can tolerate outside of the house.

I am still trying to tire him out though...that hasn't lessened with age in the slightest:)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Brown Blur

Did you see that?! Was it a coyote darting through the forest? Maybe Superman changed his red and blue for brown? Nope. It's Beezer!! I always wanted a dog that would just run in the forest. You know, entertain himself and burn as much energy as possible. Well, I have that now and it's fantastic. The only thing is I rarely see him. He's literally just a brown blur romping through the woods! He does check in and always comes when he's called, so I totally don't mind. Plus that dog has soooo much energy to burn. Even after 2 hikes of running and running and playing and more running, he'll come home, play, snooze for 20 minutes and then be up and busy until he finally goes to sleep at 9:00. Busy busy boy! He is literally up for 14 hours and going the whole time. He does settle, but my god he is a little energizer bunny.

Do you see him? Me neither, that's my point. I swear he's in those photos though!

Wish I had that much energy. I'll try to get some better, less blurry pictures. *Hint* *hint* friends with awesome cameras:)

Do you remember this dog?

This one, that was intolerable of water unless it was for drinking purposes only?!

Well, this is him now. Water and mud freak. He adores the water now. He jumps right in, and walks back and forth scooping water into his mouth. Know what's a fun game? Searching for rocks that are thrown into the water, burying your face up to your eyeballs, but never coming back out with anything. Fun!

He's even went deep enough that he was almost swimming! I've never had a dog that would just swim by himself, without any coaxing or fetching. I'm sure that by the end of the summer he'll be a swimmer for sure!

And oy vey, the mud! Not as cute. I blame his girlfriend Rosie, who likes to lie down in the mud. He loves her so much he started to follow her in. Now I can't get him out! And for some strange reason, he likes to stick his face into the mud as well. Dumbass.

Now as long as he doesn't start demand barking in the water, like some other dogs, all will be good.