Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My, my what a huge...


A lot has happened this past April. So I'm going to cram it into 1 blog post.

Even though I spend the beginning of April travelling to Vegas for my birthday and onto Scottsdale for a wedding

The dogs and I were up to a lot of stuff too.

On April 2nd, the Beezer was entered into his second agility trial. Even though he didn't have 6 weave poles yet, I entered him into Standard anyways. Regionals is coming up and it never hurts to practice. I also entered him into a Jumpers and Gamblers. Well, my boy is amazing!

Even though he has never seen 6 poles before, he did them anyways! It wasn't all that pretty, but it was enough for a first place and a "Q!"

Jumpers was absolutely beautiful, I was very impressed:) It earned us another first and "Q"

Gamblers was a bit of a gong show, but we still managed to pull it together to get our third First place ribbon and a "Q"

Such a superstar!!

After Vegas, Jess, Jody and I took Ryan, Reckon, Kepler, and Reckon sheep herding.
We went to the same guy we saw before, John. I've decided he's not the guy for us. Beezer is very nervous of the guy, and Reckon is not an easy dog. I was mainly trying to keep him from pulling me off my feet the whole time!

I let John take him for our second round, and although he did warm me he would have to be "firm" with Reckon, he certainly didn't mention hauling him around by his tail!

So between the fact that Beezer is too nervous around John to come towards me, and spends most of his time torn between coming and going, plus the fact that even Reckon was a little nervous of him (and can you blame him?), and even I don't even know what John wants half the time, I've decided to take the boys elsewhere when we herd the woolies again.

Amigo is doing great on Metacam every 3 days. She hasn't been sore at all, even doing her regular hikes!

Reckon isn't putting on weight as fast as I would like, but maybe that's because he's full of my MacBook charger that he chewed. Little F*@$er. That isn't cheap to replace!
April 19th he clocked in at 43.5 lbs. Yesterday he was only at 43.8 lbs.

I've also started to put some cream in his eyes, because they are getting super gunky, green and droopy. Just a few applications and they have improved a ton!

The next few weekend will be busy too. I've managed to talk with 3 people regarding French Ring/Schutzhund. This weekend we meet with a woman who is with the West Coast French Ring Club, and next weekend we meet with Ray Underwood. Both are just going to meet Reckon and see if he has any FR/SchH potential. I'm nervous!

I know he'll win everyone over with his good looks and charm.

Or he'll just run them over.

And finally, Heather and I got the boys together for a play date. Reckon really liked Rudy, but Rudy was a little unsure. So we put them on the couch together where Reckon was a little less intimidating. Cuteness ensued:)

And last but not least, our first family portrait

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is everyone sitting down?

Because I have tremendous news! As of April 20th 2011, exactly 2 months after Reckon came into our family, Beezer and him PLAYED!!!
I have been waiting and anticipating this day since I first thought of bringing a puppy home. Beezer, though I love him very much, is a wee bit special. He is handsome, and smart, yes, but very insecure. I wasn't shocked to see that he wasn't thrilled with the addition of Reckon to the family. He tried very hard, but sometimes puppies get into his personal space, and he can't handle that. And Beezer takes his messages too far.
Anyways, after many stressed encounters and constant supervision, I went to my mom's place to pick up the dogs when I noticed Reckon's neck was soaking wet.
Hmmm,I pondered, water bottle perhaps? (he gets a little over the top when he finds a cat).
So I asked my mom "Did Reckon get sprayed with the water bottle?"

Mom: "no, why?"

Me: "Because his neck is soaking wet"

Mom: "Oh, that must be from when he and Beezer were playing."

Me: *puzzled look* "I'm sorry, I must have misheard that. Come again?"

Mom: "Beezer and Reckon were playing outside."

Me: "You mean Reckon and Amigo"

Mom: "No, Beezer."

Me: "Seriously? But how? When? DETAILS!!!!"

Mom: (not in the least bit aware how big this was): "We were all in the backyard together (after Beezer's second hike) and Beezer was doing his zoomies (a daily occurrence), Reckon would give chase. B would play bow, and Reckon would just stand there, dumbfounded. So B took off running again. More playbows, more dumbfounded looks from Reckon. After their third loop, Reckon playbowed first, Beezer followed and EPIPHANY! B ran towards R, who flipped on his back (he's not stupid) and Beezer proceeds to lay across his chest while chewing on his neck."

I found this hard to believe. I would interupt my mom's story with questions and shocked noises and squealing. I could hardly believe my ears! If only she got it on film.
This was the start of a wonderful thing, and I couldn't have asked for a better belated birthday present.

I bent down to give B a big hug and tell him what a good boy he is, when Reckon wandered over, and Beezer growled at him. Oh well. It's a start!

I later took the gang to my softball game, and was reward by seeing the boys play with my own eyes!

Here's the first video I got of them playing. Amigo is playing with Fritz. She loves him, even though he is 12 years younger than her:) It's cute watching the the brown dogs play and the black dogs play.