Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Call me crazy

It's been a while since my last post and much has happened.  It's amazing how 5 dogs can keep you busy.  I know, shocking.

Let me break it down for you:

Monday:Flyball (Avi and Reckon)
Tuesday:Avi agility
Wednesday: Reckon obedience
Thursday: Beezer agility
Friday: A DAY FOR ME!
Saturday: Flyball
Sunday: Reckon French Ring

Exhausted aren't you?

It's worth it to see everyone improving in their field.   Avi knows all the pieces of agility equipment, now we just need to proof them. And get her to turn tightly around the jumps.  I'm so proud of her being able to run off leash when her arch nemesis, a red Aussie Kane,  is barking and screaming.

Beezer is perfect as always.  He's now in Masters Gamblers and Masters Snooker.  It's just the darn Jumpers we're stuck in.  Still having a slight issue with his weaves in trial.  He does them SO beautifully in glass.  Nails his entrance, has distance etc etc.  But not in a trial.  I guess he's feeding off my nerves.  Another trial this weekend-wish us luck!

Reckon is doing awesome in Ring.  As long we can go consistently, he makes leaps and bounds.  I'm hoping to be ready to trial him at the end of Sept.

Amigo and Cody are perfect as usual.  I finally sucked it up and took Cody to see a professional groomer.  He looks much better than when I give him a haircut. Where he looks like I threw him through a wood chipper.

To top it all off, my frisbee throws are improving as well!  Since Avi has no self preservation and will likely kill herself trying to catch the frisbee, I have taken to throwing the frisbee sans dog.  It's helping a ton.  Funny how as soon as she comes out I panic and my form falls apart.  But I'm getting better.  She's still young and I don't want to damage her perminantly. Although if I did, I'm have a lot more free time...

Reckon has done more damage to my car than i thought possible. He likes to show his displeasure at waiting his turn by pulling off the weather stripping. And most recently, tearing the bench seat.  Not impressed.  I mean, yes, it means he wants to train and play, which is awesome. I'm happy he's so keen, but STOPTEARINGAPARTMYCAR.

So to sum everything up, I'm busy.  Crazy dog lady busy.  And I want to do more. With more dogs. 
I gotta win the lotto and buy property. Or marry rich. Any day now, right?!?!