Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 BC/Yukon Regional Championships

This past long weekend the annual BC/Yukon Regional championships took place in glorious Matsqui. It was the first year that I haven't entered Amigo, and it was quite the change.
Who knew running Beezer with a cut pad and no weave poles would be so less stressful?!
Yup, that's right. Instead of entering no one this year, I decided to throw in 20 month old Beezer and see how he did.
Not only did he have a cut pad, no experience with 12 weave poles, but he had also never run outside. On grass. In the rain.

Well, if that little dud puppy doesn't surprise me. He blew me away!!
Our first day was very good. I messed him up in his Standard and put him into the wrong tunnel, but he did all his contacts and had NO problems with 12 weaves:)
His Gamblers was good too, racked up 28 points or so in the opening, but didn't quite get the main gamble. However his Jumpers was uber hard and I didn't think we had a hope in hell. Nailed it! Second place for my boy. Couldn't have been more proud.

Sunday was pouring rain all morning, he had a great Jumpers and Standard run, except for a few boo boos(my fault of course).
Gamblers was good, racked up about 29 points in the opening, but there was no way we would get the main gamble. A starters dog on a 4 obstacle masters gamble? Yeah, well, he got that too. 1.97 over time, but baby dog did it!!!

He also held all his start line stays all weekend. Overall I am more than impressed with Beezer. Except now that I know he can do so well, the pressure is on....

P.S. We were off from qualifying by 45 points or so. We got 313.44 points and you need 350 to qualify for Nationals.