Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fyvish and his Chuck-it

One day while walking the dogs to the park near our house to play ball, Fyvish started screaming at me, which although not unusual, was a little out of context. He never screamed in this type of situation before. We had just stepped out of the front door, with all the various paraphernalia (chuck-it, 2 balls, poop bag, phone, keys, leashes, and sometimes a cat), when Fyv turned around and quite literally started to yell at me. I wasn't really too sure what he wanted and then bouncing started. He wanted the chuck-it, so I gave it to him.

Fine by me! I didn't think this would last long. He'd get over his excitement and drop it 15 seconds later. I was wrong. WHENEVER we went ANYWHERE with the chuck-it, he insisted on carrying it, and none too politely either. You weren't allowed to carry it, unless you were actually throwing the ball with it. You could take it out of his mouth, no problem, but he would whine and jump and act slightly neurotic until it was safely in his mouth again.

He definitely turned a few heads carrying a purple chuck it around. If he did drop it, for whatever reason, all you had to say was "Fyv, get your chuck-it" and he would willingly oblige, usually with a soft cry/chortle.

When we went to Cannon Beach one summer, I bet my mom Fyvish would carry his chuck-it from when we finished on the beach until we returned back at the hotel room (A good 30-45 min walk). We bet on an ice-cream cone. That evening my mom silently handed me over money for my winning bet.

Just another quirky characteristic that made Fyvish so special! I sure miss those funny antics of his. I wonder if Beezer will develop any funny quirks himself...

Cannon Beach

How do you know if you're a dog person? Well one way to know for certain is that at least 1 vacation revolves around the dogs. For our family that vacation is Cannon Beach, Oregon. We've been going there with the dogs for at least (5) years. They love it, as you can tell from these pictures...

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Play with me!

It's quite windy, as you can tell from their ears.

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Play now?!

I know I'm gorgeous, but THROW SOMETHING!
Famous Haystack Rock

We love the beach.
Hanging out in the Village

A great full day playing in the sand and surf!

A Day of Firsts

What an exciting day! Beezer has grown leaps and bounds, now weighing in at a whopping 16.5 lbs. He has started to grow length wise now. And as for his ears...well they do whatever they please.

But the exciting news of the day is that he asked to go outside to poop! That's right everyone, he scratched at the doggie door and turned to look at me expectantly. What a good boy!

Secondly, his big sister Amigo initiated play with him. Twice! Needless to say he was more than thrilled to oblige. It was very cute. I would even go as far to say that it warmed my heart. Everyone together now...Awwwwwwww.

Before this all took place I also managed to spill hot chocolate on the both of them. Beezer was completely soaked in Starbuck's Premium Hot Chocolate Blend. Amigo only had 1 soaked shoulder and leg. Poor Beezer didn't know what happened. But he didn't mind too much once he realized whatever soaked him, tasted good too. Amigo even helped clean him up.

What a great day for the little man. As the day winds to a close, and the household is settling after a long day of hiking and exploring Lonsdale, Beezer is completely oblivious and is chasing his tail. Oh, he just won. Congrats B on a big day!