Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Snow has Arrived!

It's a winter wonderland in Vancouver, and the dogs love it!

Hai Snow!!!

Throw something!
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This past weekend, Emma and I took our dogs(plus a few others) up to Cypress Falls.

These photos are cropped as much as possible. They were running around like maniacs!
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Amigo was looking for something in the snow. Probably food...

We had the baby boy dogs pose for pictures, but Beezer's not too sure if he should be holding Seven's hand or pushing him away.


So he just leaves. I'm out

What's over yonder!!

Seven's time to bail on the photo op.

I loves to eat the snow too:)

Happy winter everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A dog, a cat and a mouse?

Ok, well not a real mouse. Cause if it where real, it would be disemboweled outside the front door. Love you Louie!!

It happens to be a cat toy that Beezer adores. It also happens to make a slightly irritating un-mouse like chirping sound. Fun!

I got home one fine evening after a movie with some friends (don't act surprised, I have at least 3)and I thought to myself "Self, you have not taken any pictures with your new camera recently." And so I spent the next hour trying to capture Beezer, Chatty, and the toy mouse interacting with one another.

Not easy.

Now throughout the course of the day I can find Chatty and Beezer at the end of a dark hallway, or alone in the family room "catching up" with one another.
Beezer will follow her around and around incessantly trying to grab her attention. However, only when she sees fit does she decide the interact with him.
On her terms.
He must stand or lie perfectly still while she wraps around and around his legs and under his stomach. Awwwwwww.

Stop taking pictures, you're ruining the moment

Now back to the picture taking part.

At first, I followed them around the house trying to capture a candid moment. No. Such. Luck. The lighting sucked, and my photography skills sucked more, so the pictures were blurry and horrible.

So I shoved everyone into the bathroom:) Here are the results.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Adoption Day Beezer!

Exactly 1 year ago today, my mom and I adopted Beezer from the S.A.R.A (Save Animals through Rescue and Adoption) rescue group in Surrey. And although it wasn't an easy trip through puppy hood and adolescence, he has crawled under my skin and placed a Beezer sized shape on my heart:) I am so pleased with how far he's grown from a very shy puppy to a handsome young man.

We've had our ups and downs, and more downs, but he's turned out to be a wonderful dog and an important part of the family. Life wouldn't be the same without him!

Here are a few pictures of the handsome lad growing up. Love you Beezer Skedeezer!!

Editor's note: I didn't have access to Beezer's younger photos. Apologies!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

oh so bored

Poor Amigo. She's been limping for almost a month now. I think the poor baby hurt herself during agility class. Why doesn't she get it through her head that even though she's in fantastic shape, she's no spring chicken?!?! I've been trying to rest her from any sort of activity, but she doesn't like it. She is so bored hanging around the house, not even allowed to jump on and off the bed. Harumph. She's going stir crazy from lack of exercises, and frankly, it's driving us both insane!!

I haz a bored. Fix it
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Dr. Mom was confident that she has a soft tissue injury, but just to be certain I took her into work this past Tuesday to get X-rayed. Nothing popped up, and the vet had a poke and prod of her shoulders, legs and toes, and still nothin'! Even though I'm glad there's nothing nasty showing up on the X-rays, I'm kinda bummed, cause soft tissue injuries take FOREVER to heal.

And it's just so hard resisting this face....

Especially whenever she can she tries to trick you into playing...
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Right Amigo, a tennis ball just happened to jump into the recycling bin that I was just about to take to the curb. Pathetic.
And also kinda clever:)

Get healed soon love!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

13 months and...

kicking ass! Or at least chasing some:) This Saturday Beezer, Jess, Heather, Kepler, Daisy and I drove all the way out to Hope to have another go at sheep herding. This was Jess and Heather's first time with their dogs on sheep, so as seasoned pros (round #2), Beezer and I had the added pressure or showing 'em how it's done.

Long story short, John, the man coaching us, had a different tactic than Shelley Fritzke, the first person we took a herding session from. We actually went into the round pen with the dog on leash with the woolies behind us. Now John's tactic wasn't to just let the dog go and see what he did, but rather have the dog focus on you before allowing him/her to look or interact with the sheep. Daisy and Heather went first, and Daisy really really wanted those sheep, so they spent the first session getting Daisy to lie down repeatedly, until she was more focused on Heather.
Next went Kepler, the 5 1/2 month old. He didn't really have a lie down at a distance, but he was also a softer dog, so John let him chase the sheep a bit, as he was easier to make him back off.

Up next was the ol' pro. I had no idea what to expect from Beezer. Last time he showed instinct and did very well, but he also barked A LOT. And I honestly haven't been doing much obedience with him either, so I didn't know how he would react to me making him lie down and backing away, let alone with sheep nearby! Well, he never ceases to surprise me. No joke, he did fantastic!! Not only did he lie down, on command under distraction with distance, but he would also chase the sheep and stop at the appropriate moments and he only barked briefly!!! Shelley did say last time that the barking would diminish when his confidence increased, but I didn't expect to happen so fast! Needless to say I was beyond pleased. John said he did extremely well, especially for a young boy.

I'm so proud of the little man. He was also well behaved with John's intact dog Eddie, as well as taking everything else in stride. He sure has come a long way!

I hope to see Beezer on some more woolies in the near future!

He kinda looks like a stalking Border Collie from this angle...
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A beautiful day for sheep herding!

Amigo came out for moral support:)