Monday, October 24, 2011

It has turned one

That's right folks, Reckon turned one on Thanksgiving day, Oct 10th, 2011. He got to play with Luongo before I shoved him in an xpen and went to Heather's to eat turkey dinner. Happy Birthday Reckon!

I can hardly believe it!  One!  Already?!  You know what this means, right?  He's an adult now.  A responsible, mature, calm, settled, polite young man.  Hahahahahaha.  Not in the slightest bit.  He's still the biggest pain in the ass.  Handsome, but a huge pain.

We are still working on Susan Garrett's "Rough Love" program.  It's going well, he's starting to play fetch on our early morning walks, and I'm thinking about getting a bike so I can run the crap out of him in the afternoons.

French Ring training is going superb.  He's really gaining a lot of confidence, and even learning how to jump!  It's hard when your back end is a mile away from your front end.

We are working hard on being calm when being petted and when saying hello to other dogs.  That's super hard too.  Because we don't have a brain.  And everyone is just so damn exciting.  I've noticed he's starting to demand petting.  From me and other people.  We're stopping that.  We are no Golden Retriever.
I also bought him something I never thought I would purchase in a million years.  A pinch collar.  Yup.  I'm a horrible mama.  But I LOVE it.  He is just so much easier to control with it on.  His no pull harness works great for around the neighbourhood, but in busy situations in high traffic/distraction, I get dragged all over the place.  He can pull someone over who is twice my weight.  I'm like an ant behind a freight train when he wants to go somewhere or see somebody.  He can still pull like a biatch in the pinch, but I have a lot more control.  I think it itches him, otherwise he's not bothered. He's holding steady at 60lbs, and he's taller than Beezer. He may not be that fast, but he hits HARD and is stronger than he looks. Chrystal was saying his lines are famous for packing quite a punch. Good. To. Know.

Hmmm, what else?  Him and Beezer hate each other again.  Beezer is terrified actually.  I'm hoping neutering R will help, but I'm doubtful.  What if they hate each other for life?  That would be heartbreaking.
He adores Amigo (who doesn't?) and they flirt and play whenever they can.

Beezer is doing freaking fantastic in agility.  Couldn't be more impressed.  We're in a trial this weekend, our first since Regionals.  I also threw Amigo into a Jumpers run, just because she's doing really well too.  No stumbling, hiking every day, and adorable. Even though just an hour ago she jumped into my front seat and ate a Boston Cream doughnut I was saving.  Adorable

Not much else to report.  I'll let you know how the trial went.

Editor's note: Sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera didn't get to come out and play that much lately.