Saturday, July 7, 2012

Regionals 2012

June 8th 2012 brought the BC/Yukon Regional Championships to Nanaimo.  Emma and I packed up the car with 7, Cooper, Beezer, Reckon and Avion and headed to Nanaimo for 3 nights.

This time around I was a bit nervous.  Last year I didn't expect much with teenage Beezer, but this year I knew how good he has become.  We were doing really well in class and Gerhard whispering "I expect you on the podium" wasn't helping to calm my butterflies.

I put him in a warm up game just to get the heebie jeebies out, so when Saturday approached I felt a little more comfortable.  He really is a joy to run.  Always happy and consistent.

Unfortunately I didn't get any of the runs on film, but the run down goes like this:

Saturday: Standard: B did great, except I messed him up on the weaves. Didn't give him space. Dumb Mom.
                  Jumpers:  Clean and beautiful and under time!  Enough for a second place ribbon!!!
                  Gamblers:  Good opening, got a mini gamble, but we don't have out work so I wasn't expecting to get the main gamble. He tried his darndest though! 29 points.

Sunday: Standard:  Beezer did awesome.  I, on the other hand, got lost. Since when does that happen???  Would have been a clean run otherwise.  Stupid mommy.
 Jumpers:  Beautiful run, would have been clean too.  If I didn't slip. Seriously?!  When do I fall??  I slipped right before a tunnel and he saw me go down so turned briefly to see what I was doing. It was such a nice run!  Judge should have given it to us.  So proud of him.
Gamblers:  Excellent opening!  Got the mini gamble twice but popped off the teeter on the second go (my fault).  No main gamble. 37 points.

I was very very proud of the Beez.  He did AMAZING.  And he was such a joy to travel with too. We got enough points (369.69) to qualify us for Nationals!!

Reckon and Avion did pretty well too.  I love Reckon.  He is just so friendly with everyone.  I'm pretty convinced he thought his name was "Good morning" "Hi Faren" or "How was your  run?"
Whenever anyone spoke to me he was absolutely convinced they wanted to say hello to him.

Sometimes annoying, but compared to Avion's "killeveryonethatappraoches" attitude it's the best thing ever.

She actually did pretty well.  I think she was pretty much flooded and overwhelmed, but she didn't have a freak out episode.  She did grab for someones coat as it floated by. She was always on high high high alert.  Just so much to see.  Watching the dogs do agility was a lot of fun to her.  She was very good in the off leash area.  Shove a ball in her mouth and she just trots around and around and around.

God forbid she stops moving.

They  both settled in their crate without too much yelling and screaming.

 For the most part...

Overall I was pretty impressed with all of them.  It could have been a complete chaotic mess. Good pups :)