Tuesday, August 31, 2010

13 reasons to celebrate!

As of August 31st 2010, my mom and I will have had Amigo for 13 years! Holy amazing, I can hardly believe it. We adopted her from the West Vancouver SPCA 13 years ago to the day.

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So how are we going to celebrate Amigo's big day? Well, first I have to work ALL day, but I'll be sure to squeeze in extra lovin' and of course her favourite...COOKIES!!

I can't begin to describe how much I love this dog. She has been my best friend and constant companion for 13 years. She's my rock, the glue that holds me together, and the main reason I've fallen so passionately in love with dog training. She makes a girl look good:) I hope she knows just how much she means to me, and if it's possible, I love her more and more everyday.

I hope to celebrate many more "adoption" days with her.

Doesn't she make 13 look effortless?!

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Love you Meego Peego!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Un-Happy Birthday

Although birthday's are usually celebrated and looked forward to with glee, Beezer's birthday is not. It's not that we don't love him, or that our hearts have turned to ice and stone, bur rather his birthday falls on the same day Fyvish left us (August 25th 2009). And, even though we picked Beezer mostly due to his (un)fortunate birthday, my mom and I have decided to celebrate his Adoption day instead. So look for a post on Nov 8th instead to celebrate his wiggliness.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nationals 2010 part2

If you read the last post, you would have noticed that I mentioned 3 girls, 6 dogs, 1 car and a lot of crap. Well here are some pictures of our trip to Calgary and back. We had quite a few "awwww" moments. Enjoy!

The trip started off with some snuggles

We hit a few drive throughs

It was a long drive...

Are we there yet?!?!?!??!?!

Who's comfy?!

At the hotel the pups wanted to play. A lot.

Where's Abby?

At the agility site.

Waiting for the ribbons...

The car ride home was very peaceful

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nationals 2010

We're back! And still in one piece. With 3 girls, 6 dogs and a whole lot of crap crammed into what felt, at times, like a smart car we managed to travel to Calgary and back for the AAC Nationals Championships held at Spruce Meadows.

Although I was usually nervous, hot, hungry or tired at some point during the day, Amigo and I had a great time. Our weather was pretty decent and there were no meltdowns had by myself or fellow friends.

The competition was fierce! Nationals is no joking matter people. I mean, it's NATIONALS. In case you didn't quite grasp what that means, I'm talking ALL of Canada (or at least those who qualified at Regionals and were committed enough to travel to Alberta). In Amigo's group (10" double drop veterans) there were over 40 dogs. And I'm pretty sure she was close to the top in age (13)!!
First and foremost, Amigo had fun, which is the entire reason why I drag myself out of bed at 5:30 and spend 18 hours outside wanting to puke or faint from nerves. And to think we're in the ring for a total of maybe, 2 minutes a day. Yep, officially a freak.

Playing in the fountain

Anyways, so Amigo and I managed to run 2 clean rounds. 1 jumpers and 1 standard. I forgot to handler her on one jumpers course,so we got an off course, and even though I didn't see it, we were called for a missed contact in our other standard. We just plain old suck at Gamblers, so we didn't rack up any point there.
But wait, a surprise! Did you know at Nationals they award ribbons to 10th place? Me neither! So we actually walked away with a 7th ribbon for the Standard, and a 4th for Jumpers! When we run well, we actually do pretty darn good. Go Meego Peego:)

I was so pleased with Amigo. Even though it was hot and I was a bundle of nerves, she ran beautifully and with enthusiasm, which is why I love this sport in the first place.

On another note, Beezer was a very good boy during all this hub bub. He had a few tantrums in his kennels when I would leave our stall with Amigo, but all in all he was superb. No barking, settled nicely to watch the competition, and was great in the hotel too! He even decided he likes these sporty dogs so much, that he wanted to join in on the fun. His tug drive was insane! Frisbees, fur tugs, rope, leashes, anything would rev him up. We even practiced over some low 10" bars and he was really enthusiastic! Yay...hope:)

Can I haz some Agility?!