Sunday, February 27, 2011

A long awaited arrival

If you know me, or have even read my mini profile, you will know that I have wanted a Belgian Shepherd for quite some time. Well, ladies and gentlemen, my dreams have finally come true!

Meet Reckon.

He's my 4 month old Belgian Malinois. Born 10/10/2010! I love him so much already, Amigo doesn't seem to mind him so much, because when puppies come home, she gets lots of cookies! When we brought Beezer home, Amigo gained a wee bit of weight:)
Beezer is having a hard time adjusting, as he's not a fan of puppies to begin with. I'm hoping with a little time and patience they can become great friends!

Little Reckon didn't have a name for the first 4 days after I got him(I picked him up Sunday Feb 20th), and I was a little worried he would end up being called "Bob!" I went through hell trying to find the perfect name to suit him. His original name was "Faust", but I wanted to change it. First I started off with other "F" names. Fiddle was first, then Fiddler, but those didn't fit.
Then he was called Dibs, which was followed by Fits (because no other name "fit"), but that wasn't quite right either. Finally I narrowed it down to "Reckon" and "Punch." I liked Punch because his original name meant "fist" in German, so it tied in nicely, but I couldn't decide. So set up a poll on Facebook, and voila! Reckon is has become!

I do think it suits him nicely.

His previous owner did a fabulous job socializing him and starting his obedience, so I couldn't wait to continue his training. He's super friendly and outgoing. Nothing fazes him in the slightest, which is soooo nice to work with after Mr. Scared of Everything Beezer!

I should mention that his previous owner loved him dearly, but wanted a high drive Mal for French Ring, and unfortunately Reckon just didn't fit the bill. I was told that he might be suited for SchH, so we'll give that a try.

Needless to say I was psyched to get my high drive Malinois home! I just pictures this fiery ball of energy who tugged like crazy and was go go go!

Instead I got this:

WTF?!? For goodness sakes, here I am wanting this high drive off the wall dog, and I get this blob.

I know he needs to settle in and there's some sort of adjustment period, but come on! I figure he's teething right now(and he has a slight overbite, which I hope will improve as his adult teeth come in), which is why his tug drive is null. When he does want to bite something, it's usually my arm, or the backs of my legs. We do have some things to work on...

Good thing he's handsome!!

This is the kennel where he came from: Lescaut Kennels in Quebec.

And pictures of his mom and dad

Expect more photos and updates to come!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cirque du Soleil for dogs?

I think I may own the first dog, or even animal, to ever be invited to join Cirque du Soleil. I'll make millions. Or get laughed at...

We already know that Beezer is odd. Well, I've noticed more and more lately that he also sleeps, stands and routinely goes about his life in odd positions.

I mean, this does NOT look comfortable:

How many dogs do you know that can bring their back legs up to their chest? And be comfortable?!

He certainly is bendy.

Here he is in the car. His back feet are on the third row bench seat, but his front legs are stretched just behind the front seat.

I think I'll start making him jump through hoops on fire just to step up his game a bit. I really don't know what the Circus of Supernatural Bendy people are looking for...

Yay, I'm running away to the circus!