Wednesday, January 23, 2013

They grow up so fast

As of Jan 22nd 2012, Avion is no longer a little girl.  She came into heat!  I didn't realize how emotional this would be.  No I haven't cried. Since she is the first female dog I've had that I've kept intact, it's going to be an interesting journey. So far nothing has changed.  She isn't acting any different, nor are any of the dogs in my home or at work.  We'll see if that changes with time.

She is being very very good wearing her pink frilly panties in the house.

She has only tried to take them off a few times yesterday.  I came out of the shower to find her throwing them gleefully around the living room.  Tossing them into the air and death shaking them.  I had no idea menstruating could be so much fun!!

I've also started her in a foundation agility class.  She is kicking ass.  When she's not trying to chase poor Kane.  Don't what it is about that Aussie (perhaps the frantic running and barking?), but she is a little OCD about him. When we first started classes I could not get her attention back to me when she "locked on" to him. I could wave a raw steak attached to a ball in front of her face and nada.  We had to leave the barn for a little time out more than once.
She is now at the point where I can re-direct her attention. She can even go off leash as long as he is on leash too. The people haven't been an issue either! As long as I give her a bit of distance, she is quite happy to work around them.  So proud :)  I can't wait to start her agility career.

Know who else is getting older?  This guy:

This is Burger

I still have him,

It's been two months since this little terror angel came into my home. He wasn't supposed to be here this long.  Turns out, not many people want a wittle Malinois puppy.


It's not like Sheena hasn't had applications, she has.  They are just from people who have no bloody idea what owning a Malinois is like.  You would think one would research a breed before obtaining one. Especially when you have to apply to get one.  When asked "What do you plan to do with your Malinois to keep him busy and stimulated?"  your answer should not simply be "jogging"

Let me put it this way people.  I hike this 16 week old puppy TWICE a day, and he still drives me crazy.  He spends my lunch time in the car so I can eat in peace. Thank goodness for Avi, who then plays with him in the evenings. Otherwise I may strip the skin from his body.

At least he is now sleeping through the night. And we are at the point now where I can have him in his crate while I watch TV in the evenings.  He still has separation anxiety and can't be left alone.

He's come a long way in two months.  Greets people without hesitation, not afraid of new situations etc. He does bark at approaching dogs, but once he can say hello there's no problem.  Sometimes he likes to bark just cause.  Like at a dog from our group is ahead of us.  BARK BARK BARK. Oh, right, you came in the car with us.  Sigh.

He and Avi are attached at the hip.

Or Burger's mouth on Avi's neck.

Seriously.  That's all he does.  He doesn't let her out of his sight.  And then latches on.  She is SO tolerant.  When it's not annoying it's very adorable and entertaining.

I've been trying to get Reckon out to Ring training every Sunday. He loves it so much and I really do enjoy the sport.  Plus it's so nice to see him progressing!  His tugging drive has really blossomed.

I've also noticed his focus has improved bucket loads.  If I take him into Beezer's agility class, he will actually work with me, even with other dogs running around!  I never thought we could get to that stage!

Amigo has started to rub off on Avi.  Since I can remember, Amigo has been in love with the water.  She will run ahead to a water source, turn around, and stare at you to throw something.  Anything.

Well Avi has started to do the same.  Thankfully without the demand barking a la Meego.

More than once I've walked away from a lake/ocean/swamp/puddle with Amigo still contently digging around for sunken logs. I can see the same in Avi's future.  Silly girls.

Beezer is still doing very very well in agility.  I love that boy so much.  He's a good dog.

 I got a new lens for Christmas, so hopefully more pictures to come!

All in all, life with the Sandberg menagerie is good.  Except for a God awful neighbour, we have settled into the new place with ease.  I'm happy to see little improvements with the dogs every day.  Makes living with them a whole lot easier :)

Editor's note: Avion has put on 7-8 pounds and looks a lot less skeletal. She has also decided she wants to sleep by herself in the crate in the living room. Not too sure why, bigger crate/more room?

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