Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's a little empty around here.

And quiet since Burger found his fur-ever home!!

That's right! The Washington State Champ couldn't stay away!!  He emailed and asked if he could take home little Burger as "He couldn't stop thinking of him."

Fine with me!!  So on Feb 24th Burger became Bronx and a dual citizen!

Not even a week later and he has wormed his way into Ben's heart.  He is going to be a daddy's boy for sure :)
I am very happy to see Burger/Bronx get such a wonderful home. I can't believe I had him for over 3 months!

Avi and Reckon don't seem to notice his absence, but I sure do.  It's QUIET.  Like everywhere.  In the car, in the house, on the trails.  I like it.

Ben promises to keep me updated with pictures and emails, and he's already kept that promise.  Facebook is filled with videos and pictures.  It's nice to keep tabs on him.

Can't wait to see what Ben does with that handsome, smart boy!  Good luck to the happy family!!

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